Below are details of the services offered by DLM

Detailed Desk Study

Where ground or property are being acquired with a view to development it would be prudent to determine, by means of an in-depth appraisal, the likely mining conditions prevailing. Such a study will enable an expert assessment to be made in order to identify, at a preliminary stage, factors which could adversely affect the proposed development. This form of report is particularly valuable at the feasibility, planning and design stage of any new development.

Site Investigations

DLM will supervise the mineral aspects of ground investigations and interpret results in the light of all relevant information. This will enable an assessment to be made of various alternatives such as layout, foundation/structural precautions or remedial treatment to the ground in order that the most economic and safe approach to development can be identified.

Consolidation of Mine Workings, Shafts And Adits

In situations that require remedial treatment by drilling and pressure grouting DLM will provide tender documentation, design, specification, supervision and testing of the works, together with the provision of a final report.